A propos de Aboubakar Cisse Ben


  • 2021 - 2021

    Developpement de Projets Solaires

    GERMAN ENERGY SOLUTIONS INITIATIVE, Programme de Développement de Projet.  Développement de projet (Parties prenantes au projet, Phases du projet)  Aspects techniques (Technologie solaire, Concepts solaires intégrés, Ressources solaires et estimations du rendement, Dimensionnement du système, Opportunités de stockage, Toitures, Construction/Exploitation & Maintenance, Compatibilité du site)  Aspects financiers (Profils de consommation énergétique, Modèles d’entreprise, Avantages financiers, Opportunités commerciales, Éléments essentiels du modèle financier et Modélisation)  Aspects juridiques (Principaux risques d’investissement, Principaux contrats du projet, Contrat d’achat d’énergie, Contrats EPC et contrats d’Exploitation et de Maintenance, Accord financier, Questions réglementaires et Exigences en matière d’assurance)

  • 2021 - 2021
    inet/World Bank (Infornation Network Education Transaction in PROCUREMENT ) Online

    Program Public Procurement Certificate

    CPPP (Certificate in Program Public Procurement from World Bank procedure) Contents: *PROCUREMENT AND PUBIC PROCUREMENT (Introduction, Management Concepts and Techniques, Assessment) *PUBLIC PROCURMRNT OPERATIONS (Planning for Procurement, Bid Documents and Bid Opening, Evaluation of Bids, Management of Public Procurement Operations, Assessment) *PUBLIC PROCUREMENT AND GOOD GOVERNANCE (Governance Issues in Public Procurement, Prevention of Corruption, Assessment) Technical Support: support@procurementinet.org

  • 2020 - 2020
    PROJECT UP GROUP (Morocco)

    Project management

    Project Management Training with ProjectUp for PMP Certificate.

  • 2019 - 2020
    PHAROS-Structuralia (Spain)

    Contract Management

    International engineering and construction contracts, FIDIC contracts and other models

  • 2015 - 2015
    POWERDEV( Belgium )

    Electric Network and power planning and Economy

    Certificat in ELECTRIC NETWORK ECONOMY AND PLANIFICATION with the support of S.E. electric calculation softwares at POWERDEV Bruxelles (Belgium):  NAP (HV, MV Network Analysis and Planning)  DAP (Demand Analysis and Planning) Demand forecasting, tariff assessment  LAP (Low voltage Analysis and Planning)  REBAN (Reduction of Losses by Balancing Network)

  • 2019 - 2019



  • 2016 - 2016
    BNETD Training Center (Abidjan)

    Professional goals setting

    Team Management Training - Professional goals fixation );

  • 2015 - 2015
    IED (France)


    Certificate in small hydropower station prefaisability training

  • 2002 - 2002
    COFE/FDFP Abidjan

    Stractegic Management

    STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Certificate, training organized by FDFP in partnership with COFE in Abidjan

  • 1985 - 1991
    ESIE/IEEC (Ecole Supérieure Interafricaine de l’Electricité / Interafrican Electrical Engineering College)

    Master 2 Engineer in Electricity/Mechanics

    Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering courses. Power production, Transmission and distribution. (General, Development and Corporate Economics, Communication, Accounting / Finance, Commercial Law, Management…) ESIE/IEEC has been built by UPDEA (Electricity Producers and Distributers Union in Africa) now ASEA


  • 2020 - En cours

    Consultant/Managing director

    Power Business and Project Development, Innovation and Sustainable Management.  Power Production Conventional and Renewable (Thermal, Solar, Biogaz, Biomass, Micro Hydro)  Power Transmission and Distribution - Rural Electrification  Waste Management and Sustainable cities. Telecom - VSAT installation.

  • 2018 - 2020
    AEE Power SA(Spain-Kenya)

    Resident Project Manager

    Resident Project Manager in two huge 40 million USD Rural Electrification Projects in Kenya over 10 counties and 1263 sites. HSE, Teams, supply, materials, communication, meetings, time, subcontractors, conflict, issues, financial, client management. I manage remotely from Nairobi central office and locally in sites offices, more than 25 engineers, site managers, technicians, client, suppliers, warehouses and at least 50 subcontractors.

  • 2008 - 2018
    BNETD (Bureau National d’Etudes techniques et de Développement/ National Office of Technical and development Design) Abidjan

    Renewable & Energy Efficiency Project Manager, Head of the Renewable & Energy Efficiency Business Unit, Power Program Manager

    General Missions of BNETD under the ISO 2008 9001V quality system. BNETD, a well-known Ivorian Government institution in Africa with more than 1000 workers on projects in 16 countries, and five agencies in west, central Africa and France is since its creation in 1978, responsible for support of Côte d\'Ivoire Government through its advisory, design, engineering work, technical and financial advice, monitoring, and implementation of major development projects as the National Program of development (PND) and fundraising. Financial and technical support are provided for energy sector transformation and optimization initiatives that significantly reduce poverty as well as Private Public Partnership and fragile population policies. BNETD spreads its activities to many other African governments. General characteristics of projects:  Power and network planning; Master plan study and design. Solar electrification projects and tenders in Africa  Sustainable Construction house, Sustainable cooking, energized agriculture and water flow. Energy Efficient for premises, Industries, T&D Networks.  Tariff assessment and adjustment, tariff study taking in account the energy costs breakdown from production to distribution, energy losses, the counting system, demand forecasting involving fragile population;  On/Off grid HV/MV/LV projects – Transmission lines and distribution - rural electrification – RE Off-grid electric projects for rural and urban sites/houses - Energy project technical and financial studies and analysis, ROI, investment assessment;  As interface between several ministries and investors and privates we developed integrative policies and facilitation in the institutional framework for several foreign companies enhancing the funding of several sectors as well as energy sector;  Power sector management - Business development – Funding process with Green Fund, Sunref, R20, The Phanes Group, …;  Energy planning - Multi project and program management; Client advise and training  Assistance for power sector and utilities transformative and optimization initiatives;  Tenders, Bids and Partnership management; Financial analysis of the project – Use of financial models; Sustainably energized agriculture, water flow, cooking  Local companies PPP assistance with Energy Ministry; Projects and High-level meetings on:  The construction of a bio methane power plant (2 x 8.5 MW) of the Akouedo landfill;  France Trade & Industry Center workshop in Abidjan for power losses optimization;  High level consultation on the Comoros energy sector transformation, optimization and funding in AfDB with the participation of senior officials, the main donors of Comoros, AfDB Directors, Mundial Bank, European Union, Qatar, South Africa and New Zeland;  Diesel Power Plant construction project in Bissau Guinea, I met the Energy Minister, CEOs and Directors).

  • 2006 - 2007
    ETCH (Hydraulic and MV/LV Electric Network Construction)

    Project Manager

    (Hydraulic and MV/LV Electric Network Construction) MV/ LV Bardo electrification project manager in San Pedro (Côte d’Ivoire);

  • 1995 - 2005
    SCAT engineering (Electric Network and Civil Construction) Abidjan

    Technical and Operational Director

    Technical Director and Operations Director, Electric projects, rural electrification. - Technical management: Team management, inventory management, project management, tax management. - Technical studies (electrical and mechanical calculations of supports and cables, selection of equipment resistance), - Processing of tenders, estimates assessment, organization, supervision of MV/LV work; -Management of rural electrification projects in about fifteen localities in Côte d\'Ivoire.

  • 1995 - 1996
    NOVELEC (Abidjan)

    Ingenieur Etudes et Travaux

    Etudes et Travaux électriques MT/BT/EP, Electrification urbaine et rurales.