A propos de Anfana TRAORE



  • 2018 - En cours
    Ministry of Digital Economy and Posts Development, Minister’s Office

    ICT Advisor

    • Study and synthesis of the files entrusted by the Minister • Study of all questions related to ICT sector • G Cloud and Nation fiber optic backbone • Digital development master plan • National strategy for digital economy development • Advisory support to Minister

  • 2016 - 2021
    Prime Ministry, National Agency for Information Systems Security

    Consulting Engineer

    • Advisory support to General Manager • National Cybersecurity Strategy • General Security Repository • Draft Act o n information systems security

  • 2010 - 2016
    Ministry of Digital Economy and Posts Development, General Direction for Coordination of ICT Development Programs

    Director of Regulation, Standardization and Dematerialization of Procedures

    • operationalize the department in charge of paperless procedures • carry out preliminary studies and launch the Burkina Open Data Initiative • manage the design and implementation of electronic Council of Minsters • support other ministries in two major IT projects identified and executed (Virtual Administration and Biometric Database)