A propos de Carol Zigani

  • Date de naissance 19-12-1991
  • Autre adresse email Zigani19@gmail.com
  • Autre numéro de téléphone +22667399095
  • Niveau académique Master
  • Genre Femme
  • Lieu de naissance Ouagadougou
  • Pays de nationalité BF
  • Pays de résidence BF
  • Situation matrimoniale Marié(e)
  • Nombre d’enfants 1
  • Département Opérations
  • Niveau anglais Bilingue
  • Expérience bailleur Autre
  • Autre expérience bailleur CDC, USAID
  • Nombre d’années d’expérience 10
  • Pays d’expérience internationale BF
  • Pays de formation internationale US
  • Références académiques
    Lisa Elainse Shaw: Director of Student Services and Field Experience GMU/ lshaw2@gmu.edu izegbua Oikeh: Consultant Cypsis/ izegbua@hotmail.com Tibu Cheh: Attachee DOD/ Chett@state.gov
  • Références professionnelles
    Seni Compaore: Sr. Finance Specialist PSI/ +226 65 06 30 30/ senycompaore@gmail.com Bernard Hien: Director Sub-Regional Office of Eastern Europe and Central Asia UN/ +90 530 257 35 54/ b.hien@ifad.org Ameer Weston: Attachee DOD, US Embassy/ +1 202 209 8268/ westona@state.gov
  • Source Ambassade des Etats-Unis au Burkina



  • 2020 - En cours
    USA Embassy- Ouagadougou


     Responsible for the creation of SOPs (Standing Operating Procedure) and policies that direct the daily operation of the expendable and non-expendable supply programs and teams. Ensure that implemented policies and regulations are followed appropriately. Oversee the general operation and management of the Embassy’s warehouse and stockrooms inclusive of residential furniture and accessories, representational (Chief of Mission and Deputy Chief of Mission residence) supplies, auto parts, workroom supplies, event supplies, fuel deliveries and event management. Established and enforce anti-theft & fraud measures.  Currently overseeing the planning and build out of the brand-new warehouse and coordinate with third party contractors for adequate planning and execution. Manage the Expendable Supply Unit, assuring that newly received and issued supply data are regularly entered into the computerized Stock control program (ILMS) to facilitate reordering and tracking. Recommend establishment of reorder points for both non-expendable & expandable property.  Supervise the Asset Management clerk to track movement of non-expendable property to and from the warehouse and specific locations using ILMS computer system transfer forms, review stock, reorder levels, and requisition for expendable supplies with the storekeepers. Recommend annual, semi-annual, or quarterly requisitions and reviews; prepare correspondence and reports on property matters and review similar reports.  Is the primary point of contact for the Mission\'s annual inventory of expandable and non-expendable property and make recommendations to sell retired property, then arrange and prepare the annual auction sale. In addition, is responsible for furnishing all 54 embassy residences while certifying that all the residences are up to standard. Created a yearly timeline for residences’ midyear and spot check inventories.  Developed and promote policies that ensure positive interaction between property staff and upper management. Increased staff moral by providing guidance, resources, encouragement, and rewards. Fostered a sense of leadership and accountability within team members and other colleagues.  Work closely with human resources on staff rights/benefits and provides training opportunities to all property staff to increase performance. Evaluate all property staff members every 6 months and make appropriate recommendations. Manage employees’ grievances and collaborate with upper management to find viable solutions.

  • 2018 - 2020


     Assessed one of the greatest needs of the informal sector and launched the very first online marketplace that connected vendors and consumers on one platform in Ouagadougou. Responsible for planning and directing the operations of the company. Developed and managed the financial planning, budgeting, as well as the overall coordination of the information technology team, and ensured compliance with local laws.  Oversaw the development and maintenance of human resources (HR) policies and procedures for staff management based on local labor policies. Interviewed and hired every single team member and created performance objectives for all staff.  Directed all organizational operations, policies, and objectives to maximize productivity. Analyzed complex scenarios and used creative problem-solving to turn challenges into profitable opportunities. Applied project management skills to successfully execute all objectives and used strategic planning to effectively carry out business development plans.  Managed product development and implementation. Undertook a very active role in developing the online platform by determining technical specifications. Ensured adherence to all financial management provisions. Supervised the processing and analysis of project-related expenses and ensured that they were in accordance with the approved budget, policies, and government procedures.  Liaised with local governments for long lasting partnership and periodically met with clients and potential investors. Was a leader and mentor to a young and energetic staff.

  • 2018 - 2019
    Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Foundation


     Assisted all departments under the Chief Operating Officer which included Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology & Internal Audit.  Worked with Human Resources in developing creative strategies to identify candidates by designing and executing a proactive hiring plan. Participated in drafting and editing HR policies and ensured that administrative and human resources systems functioned effectively and took the necessary measures to remedy deficiencies. Aided the talent acquisition officer and the hiring managers through the whole recruitment life cycle and onboarded new employees.  Participated in IT meetings, helped draft SOPs, and contributed to acquiring new work tools, planned, and maintained communication with external vendors for the IT department. Attended meetings with IT Director and participated in product testing and launches.  Supported Internal Audit activities, reviewed vouchers, and procurement costs pre-audit. Compiled and edited reports post-audit. Liaised with the finance department for the collection of vouchers and interviewed country project managers regarding audit findings to ensure that the auditing requirements are satisfied by donors.  Supported the Finance department and reviewed quarterly budgets and assisted in developing new budgets. Reviewed monitoring & evaluation reports and compiled achievements and lessons learned.  Prepared and conducted training for field staff in compliance, internal audit, and human resources. Provided support to the field staff by coordinating meetings with DC leadership, disseminating relevant documents, and responding to information requests from the field and from other partners.  Served an integral role in collecting and compiling information to foster data-driven, evidence-based decision making by executives especially the Chief Operating Officer. Participated in high-level meetings and gained firsthand experienced in high-level decision-making activities. Leveraged expertise in QuickBase to build qualitative and quantitative analysis detailing important trends.  Key achievements include planning the travel logistics of 41 attendees from 16 different countries across Africa and the US for the annual HR conference hosted in Uganda.

  • 2015 - 2017
    US Peace Corps


     Engaged in extensive research to identify and assess the viability of projects and collaborated with in-country leadership and policy stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education to envision, develop, and implement grassroots public health advocacy and communications campaigns for the benefit of community members and strategic partners. Drafted a dozen grants and proposals that resulted in funding from the United States Embassy, Ministry of Health, local businesses, and MTN – the local network provider.  Credited for innovative projects that included the construction of two gardens and two school libraries, the launch of a community health fair that attracted 600 attendees, a career fair (450 participants), and the founding of three businesses ran by women. Additionally, started a continuing annual project sponsored by the United States Embassy.  Contributed to improvements in the community’s overall wellness by leading workshops and facilitating five Life Skills courses for 300 orphans and vulnerable children on topics spanning HIV/AIDS education, teen pregnancy, and alcohol/drug abuse. Orchestrated and executed training for 42 teachers and community members to develop skills in project design, management, budget administration, and evaluation.  Authored modules to build awareness and competence among 120 law enforcement officers on identifying and mitigating sexual harassment. Measured the effectiveness of training through performance mechanisms that included surveys, data metrics tools, and questionnaires. Developed and managed all activity accounting reports and tracked milestones for all activities and programs.

  • 2011 - 2013
    Pentagon Federal Credit Union


     Served as an invaluable resource for members of the third-largest federal credit union in the nation, engaging in research and reconciliation of ATM transactions to ensure compliance with federal and network regulations.  Addressed, investigated, and resolved member inquiries into account issues and discrepancies relating to ATM transactions.  Administered settlements of transactions in the ATM network; prepared and balanced general ledger entries associated with settlement.