A propos de Kouadio Eric AKA

  • Date de naissance 03-06-1980
  • Autre adresse email Kouadioericaka@gmail.com
  • Autre numéro de téléphone +225 07 09 09 34 22
  • Niveau académique Master
  • Genre Homme
  • Lieu de naissance Abidjan
  • Pays de nationalité CI
  • Pays de résidence SN
  • Situation matrimoniale Marié(e)
  • Nombre d’enfants 3
  • Département Finance
  • Niveau anglais Courant
  • Expérience bailleur Autre
  • Nombre d’années d’expérience 15
  • Pays d’expérience internationale SN
  • Pays de formation internationale SN
  • Références académiques
    Name: DIE Tao Pierre Junior E-mail: juniordie@hotmail.com Telephone: +225 05 75 32 32 01
  • Références professionnelles
    Name: TERAH De Jong Position: Former Country Director Organization: Tetra Tech ARD Inc E-mail: terah.dejong@tetratech.com Telephone: +225 07 77 74 58 48 Name: Mr. SOUALIO Diomande Position: Administrator Organization: GEODRILL Ltd Côte d’Ivoire E-mail: souhadde01@gmail.com Telephone: +225 07 07 20 50 54



  • 2020 - En cours

    Senior Finance Expert

    • Reviewing Principal Recipient key grant documents, assessment of the effectiveness of internal controls and systems. • Review of the proposed grant budget and related documents. • Reviewing the progress of the grant and the appropriate use of funds, including: - Progress update and disbursement requests; - Visiting sites to verify results and data quality; - Contribute to financial reviews and audits of periodic activity reports relating to financial management aspects; - Contribute to risk assessment and the conduct of expenditure verification missions of the PRs through PUDRs analysis; - Detailed budget review; - Review of audit reports; - Writing analysis or evaluation reports; - Grant making contribution. • Advising the Global Fund on activities related to the closing of a grant and any possible risks. • Contribute to the assessment of financial management and governance capacities of secondary recipients.

  • 2019 - 2021
    Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA)

    Project Administration Manager

    • Set up management tools for the project implementation. • Control expenditures with the existing procedures of ALIMA, providing advices for correction or adjustments if needed. • Cross check all the posting in the Accounting and HR software (SAGA and HOMERE) and reviewing of supporting documentation. • Budget follow up and revision before being submitted to the donors. • Donors budget allocation and office costs sharing.

  • 2018 - 2019

    Deputy Country Finance Coordinator and Project Administrator

    Responsible for financial control, accounting and administration of projects funds, under the supervision of the Head of Mission: Finance control: • Assume responsibility for cash account administration, ensuring conformity to exist-ing procedures; • Update the economic and financial status of the projects, in terms of expenses, appropriations, available cash and liquidity; verify the expenditures are incurred in line with the set work plan and budget forecast. Budget control: • Regularly check, in collaboration with the Project Manager and the Country Finance Coordinator, the economic financial performance of projects: final balance, expendi-ture excess, expenditure projections, and financial forecast; • Ensure project expenses are reasonable, allocable, prudent and spend in accord-ance with INTERSOS and donors rules and regulations, Financial reporting: • Supervise, in collaboration with the Country Finance Coordinator, the other mem-bers of the consortium and guarantee that they submit financial report according to guidelines and timeframe set for in bilateral Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs); • Revise report received from consortium members and compile them in a consolidat-ed monthly financial report to share with the Country Administrator for verification; • Ensure the correct filing of all project’s data; • Ensure the proper execution of goods, works and services procurement processes and conformity to INTERSOS and donors procedures; Local staff management: • Manage the local personnel of the projects funded by Coopita and Echo. • Supervise and monitor staff contracts preparation for the Projects. • Supervise and monitor, in collaboration with the Country Finance Coordinator, the preparation of payslips and monthly salaries payment for the project staff, asset management and logistics. • Update inventory records into INTERSOS and update of projects assets. • Verify the correct application of the organization’s or donor\'s procedures in relation to purchases and management of goods.

  • 2018 - 2018

    Finance Director

    • Responsible for administrative and accounting financial management proce-dures of the project. • Play an important role in the development and execution of the project budget in close collaboration with Deputy National Director. • Ensure timly and accurate recording of financial transactions in the Quick-Books software. • Check disbursement vouchers with all supporting accounting documents. • Check the content of supporting documents, including price checks. • In collaboration with other Tetra Tech projects in Côte d\'Ivoire, prepare the tax declarations of ARD, Inc. in accordance with the current systems (SYSCOA, OHADA, etc.). • Coordinate with other Tetra Tech projects in Côte d\'Ivoire regarding the financial and accounting management of the Ivorian branch. • Follow up on bank accounts and draw up bank reconciliation statements. • Prepare Cash Projections and Requests for Funds. • Control petty cash management. • Manage all project payments. • Ensure the full implementation of all internal procedures, Tetra Tech procedures and donor procedures. • Supervise the technical coordinators of the project in the preparation and man-agement of their activity budgets. • Monitor the overall project budget in coordination with the National Director and the Deputy National Director. • Supervise the preparation and approve employee pay slips. • Ensure that the project fulfills all these obligations in terms of fiscal and social payments (CNPS, registration fees, etc.). • Manage personnel files. • Supervise the work of staff involved in accounting and financial management.

  • 2016 - 2017

    Senior Finance and Accounting Manager

    • Manage and oversee the daily operations of the accounting department: - Month and end-year process - Accounts payable/receivable - Cash receipts - General ledger - Payroll and utilities - Treasury, budgeting - Cash forecasting - Revenue and expenditure variance analysis - Capital assets reconciliations - Trust account statement reconciliations, - Check runs - Fixed asset activity - Debt activity • Monitor and analyze accounting data and produce financial report statements according FRS and SYSCOA standards • Establish and enforce proper accounting methods, policies and principles are put in place. • Coordinate and complete punctual and annual audits closely with the account-ing firm (Deloitte and Touch). • Provide audit recommendations. • Improve systems and procedures and initiate corrective actions. • Assign projects and direct staff to ensure compliance and accuracy. • Meet financial accounting objectives. • Establish and maintain fiscal files and records to document transactions. • Coordinate and handle all the financial and accounting data operations.

  • 2015 - 2016
    John Hopkins Program for International Education in Gynecology and Obstetrics (JHPIEGO) Corporation

    Senior Finance and Administration Manager

    • Daily, supervise, maintain and update the financial management system and administration in the Offices of Jhpiego Cote d’Ivoire, Rwanda and Thailand. Includ-ing: - Validation and bill payments; - Validation and payment advances; - Monitoring and reconciliation of advances; - Registration of transactions in QuickBooks. • Ensures that reports are prepared according QuickBooks requirements and all necessary related documents are attached to the request for monthly expenditure reimbursement by the HQ. • Serves as primary contact regarding matters related to the tax legislation, labor laws, banking regulations on capital acquisitions and financial donor require-ments. • Ensures the applicability of the rules and procedures of Jhpiego / JHU and CDC.

  • 2014 - 2015
    SAVE THE CHILDREN International

    Award and Compliance Officer

    • Maintain, update and supervise SCI awards according the donors requirements. • Implementation and follow up of 13 subrecepients of grants working according PEPFAR financial tools in the WEST of Côte d\'Ivoire. • Compliance review with the 13 PEPFAR subrecepients of grants in the WEST of Côte d\'Ivoire by setting up a capacity building plan according assessed needs. • Validation of subrecipients SCI monthly financial reports before final report is submitted in the Regional Office in Senegal.

  • 2013 - 2014
    Center SAS

    Finance and Administration Director

    • Coordinated and supervised the Administration, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, and Compliance for all subgrants activities. • Develop HR policies in line with local legal requirements, administrative responsi-bility of national staff issues, ensure compliance of internal HR procedures and code of conduct, staff capacity building, visas and permits for international staff. • Overview of administrative documents, budget reviews, turned around the fi-nance operations and implemented new financial systems as per policy and proce-dures.

  • 2012 - 2013
    Azur Development International (ADI-CI)

    Finance and Accounting Manager

    • Responsible for management accounts and financial systems, reports, super-vising Finance Department. • Performance reviews for staff, timely monthly financial accounts and quarterly management accounts data for decision making. • Management accounts, analysis of business lines profitability, supporting Fi-nance Officers with VAT reconciliations and claims, finance/risk management and capacity building. • Checking expenditures, revenue and other financial records to ensure that all numbers are accurate and complete, regulations are complied with, and all pay-ments are accurately classified and recorded.

  • 2008 - 2010
    Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

    Grants and Project Manager

    • Develop long and short term project strategy including development of project objectives, including project plans and milestones for acheaving desired outcomes. • Conduct project needs assessment identifing gaps and providing solutions responding to community emergencies including different private and state sta-kholders. • Grants administration: preparation and timely submission of grant applications and reports, development and adjustment of associated budgets, coordination of budg-eted funds, screening and processing requests for expenditures and ensuring timely application to get reimbursement from the HQ. • Oversight of the preparation and timely submission of grant applications, application amendments and responsible for budget transfers. • Work collaboratively with different multistakeholders to ensure sustainable program implementation.

  • 2005 - 2008
    International Rescue Committee (IRC)

    Financial Accountant and Project Manager

    • Create project accounts in the accounting system. • Maintain project-related records, including contracts and change orders. • Authorize the transfer of expenses into and out of project-related accounts. • Review and approve supplier invoices related to a project. • Review and approve overhead charges to be applied to a project. • Review account totals related to project assets and expenses. • Investigate project variances and report variance to management. • Report on project profitability. • Close out project accounts upon project completion. • Create and submit government reports and tax returns related to projects. • Compile information for internal and external auditors, as required.